7 Life Lessons (So Far)

7 Life Lessons (So Far)

1. Give Yourself Credit.
There will always be plenty of other people only too happy to beat you down and tell you that you suck.When you are trying your best to just make it through each day in this crazy world, recognize that and give yourself a pat on the back. Every little step forward is a step forward.

2. Don’t Get Sad.Get Mad.
If living through how our politicians and their moneyed-string pullers have destroyed so many lives and so much hope doesn’t make you pissed off, then you either don’t have a pulse or a soul. Debt-ceiling debate??It should be Masses Getting Irate!

Now’s not the time for whimpering and feeling sorry for yourself. Billions of us are being played for fools.Don’t believe the lie. Life doesn’t HAVE TO be so unpleasant. Stand up and speak out for yourself and others, and hold those who cause needless suffering accountable.

3. Rules are for Fair Games.
The unemployment lines are packed with lots of people who played by “The Rules”: Study Hard, Get Good Grades, Get a Degree, Put Work Ahead of Family, Invest for The Long Run, Be Loyal, Respect Authority, Yadda, yadda, yadda. Madoff, Enron, BP, Wall Street, politicians and countless other crooks have left their tire tracks over the backs of rule players.

You can only win playing by the rules if the game is fair.If the game is not rigged. Many people are realizing that the life casino they’ve been playing in has been rigged to let the house win most of the time, and they are not the house. The house is cheating. The house is crooked.

Work hard. Study hard. Be honest. Be caring. But don’t be a sucker and just abdicate the outcomes in your life to “the authorities” or ” the government” or “the experts” or “the company”, or anyone else for that matter. Take responsibility for watching out for yourself and your family. Be respectful but be skeptical. As Reagan supposedly said, “Trust but verify”.

4.It’s What You Tell Yourself.
It’s not what you are going through. It’s what YOU TELL YOURSELF about what you are going through that matters. There are millions of ‘poor’ people laughing at something right now. What, are they stupid? Or not?

5.If You Are Bored It’s Your Fault.
There are just too many scary, sad, wonderful, terrible, magical, interesting, awe-inspiring, puzzling, breath-taking, heart-breaking, mysterious, life-affirming things in this world to be bored. The clock is ticking.

6. Remember the Three Things.
We can control:
(1) What we put in our bodies- our Diet
(2) How much we move – how much we Exercise
(3) Our Attitude
Other than that we just fool ourselves when we think we have control. Take care of the three things, do your best, and don’t worry about the rest.

7. It’s Not The Fall That Kills You, It’s The Stopping.
Don’t Stop. That’s called Being Dead. :)

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