There are ALWAYS more choices (aka Either Way We’re F*cked!)

There are ALWAYS more choices (aka Either Way We’re F*cked)
For Derek Sivers

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If on November 6th we decide
To get rid of the one who lied,
And Mitt becomes the pick
Then we’ll be just as sick.

 If on November 6th to the conclusion we came,
That Obama’s not the one to blame
Then we might as well get used to the mess we’re in,
Cause for four years the buck stopped at him.

 If on November 6th we conclude,
That Mitt is really a cool dude.
Then we might as well be in the mood,
For SOS soup becoming our favorite food.

 They tell us the best we can do,
Is to choose between red or blue.
To watch the evil that men do,
And select the lesser of the two.

 If on November 6th it becomes plain
To see that both parties are basically the same.
The one blames us for all the pain,
The other tells us the golden shower is rain.

If today we open our eyes
And decide to stop accepting the lies,
That only having two options is the best way
To make a decision that November day.

 Life is so much fuller when,
We challenge and question the rules that men
And women tell us we must obey
As they steal our hope and joy everyday

 They tell us the best we can do,
Is to choose between red or blue
To watch the evil that men do
And select the lesser of the two.

 There are ALWAYS more choices for us
When in common sense and our minds we trust
Don’t believe the perfect is the enemy of the good,
That’s just an excuse for not fighting as hard as you should.


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